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What are the Roughtons doing anyway?

After posting about my violin last week on Instagram, I decided it was easier to answer everyone's questions in a blog post, than to put it in little comments. So here we go!
(I'm including waaaay more information than the Cliff's Notes version we've been telling people, because I know some of you reading this will want to know more of the details)

Three Things I Swore Up And Down And Sideways I Would Never Do:
1. Live outside of Texas
2. Live in a tiny home
3. Homeschool my kid

As fate would have it, I'm preparing to do all three of those things. Simultaneously. Someone has a sense of humor somewhere.

I'm going to back track a few months, because the further we go into this journey, the more I realize we were being "prepared" to make changes in our life before this idea was even close to presenting itself to us.
I'm a devout Texan. The thing I feel strongest about in my life is my religion. A very close second 'thing I feel strongest about…

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