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Taco Shells

  I just had a scent memory of frying taco shells. I don’t know where it came from. There isn’t any food being prepared in my home right now, and I’m definitely not having a stroke (I think). But the memory slammed into me, all the same. I decided to just sit with it, and see where it went. I was quickly reminded of Sunday afternoons spent at home, playing games, watching movies, and being with my family. I could be wrong, and anyone in my family who reads this is free to correct me, but fried taco shells usually happened on Sundays. I’m sure we probably had them on other days of the week, but most often on Sunday. Whenever my mom cooked a roast, if there were leftovers, it generally meant we would be having Mexican food soon thereafter. She had this old, manual meat grinder, and we would take chunks of the roast, and crank it through the grinder. No extra seasonings, nothing fancy. Just ground up roast beef. And I was so na├»ve, because I wanted our ground beef tacos to taste like th

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