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Can't Trust That Day

How did your Monday start? It's 9:36, and mine has already been an entire Monday.
My boss is out of town this week. Wait, I feel like most of you don't know I have a job, so I'll paint a brief picture.
4 years ago I started working for a friend of mine who owns her own billing company. She does all the billing for a pediatric doctor's office. Initially, my only task was to call people and make sure they knew about the balance on their account ("Did you receive the 3 to 4 statements and respond to the front desk every time you took your kid in and they reminded you about the balance? Great. We need that money."). Over time, I've taken on more responsibility, and when she goes out of town, all phone calls to the billing office roll over to my phone. She's currently in Hawaii for the next week and a half, so my laptop will live on my kitchen counter, where I can easily access it when I get a call. I'm delighted to help her, I genuinely am. I don'…

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